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Does It Matter if I Train My Dog Myself or Hire a Professional?

If you have a dog that requires training, you may be torn between doing it yourself and hiring a professional. Though your involvement in the training process is often recommended, working with an expert is a solid choice because they can use their knowledge and experience to provide effective training for your dog. At Prime K9 Dog Training, our hard-working team offers structured dog training tailored to your pet’s needs. Here are five reasons to hire a professional dog trainer to support your training efforts:

1. More Experience With the Training Process

As a regular pet owner, you may not have trained a dog before. You may not know where to start, making the process tiring and time-consuming for you and your four-legged friend. Professional dog trainers do this for a living and are experienced in almost everything that makes a well-behaved, obedient animal. They have trained many dogs during their time as a trainer, gaining an understanding of different breeds and their behaviors. They also know how to identify your dog’s particular needs and develop a personalized training plan.

2. Advanced Knowledge of Tricks and Commands

Some pet owners may only be familiar with basic commands, such as sit, stay, and fetch. While these can be valuable skills to teach your dog, there are many additional commands to consider. Dog training experts have extensive knowledge regarding advanced tricks and commands for dogs. They can handle various dog-related issues, like going to the bathroom inside, barking at guests, pulling on the leash, stealing food, and being fearful of people or things. Trainers also understand more complex tricks and commands, like off-leash recall, army crawling, and walking backward.

3. Enhanced Objectivity During Training and Evaluation

When training your dog on your own, you may find yourself growing frustrated or expecting too much too soon. Trainers have experience with remaining impartial, evaluating each situation logically instead of emotionally. They also don't have a long history with the dog, allowing them to start fresh. After objectively assessing your pet’s behavior and skill level, they can give helpful feedback about what needs improving and how best to do it.

4. Proper Training Equipment

Dog training experts have effective pet training equipment you may not have at home. Along with treats and clickers, professionals can use training platforms, targets, balancing ramps, and weave poles. Trainers know when and how to use these items, minimizing the effects of improper usage. Letting an expert guide the training sessions using appropriate tools may result in quicker and more successful pet education.

5. Consistent and Structured Training

One of the biggest challenges with do-it-yourself training is finding the time to do it. A dog trainer can provide consistency because animal training is their job. They can structure the training in a way your pet understands and then commit to following it without interruption. At Prime K9 Dog Training, we even have board and train programs for busy pet owners, where your dog stays with us for a certain time to get the training they need.

Find Quality Training at Prime K9 Dog Training

Prime K9 Dog Training offers structured dog training services for all breeds, ages, and sizes. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, helping you create a well-behaved furry friend that understands your commands. We strive to develop a bond with you and your dog so that we can all work to meet goals together. Contact us today for more information about our training programs.

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