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What is your training methodology?

At Prime K9 Dog Training we are balanced trainers.

We focus on teaching with positive reinforcement and use many tools and techniques to train your dog.

Each dog is unique and we use the tool that best meets the training goals and your dogs' needs.  

Do you work with dogs that are aggressive? 

We work with all temperaments of dogs.

We have years of experience working with dogs that have behavioral issues including fear, anxiety, and aggression.  

At what age do you start training puppies?

We start training puppies at 8 weeks of age and up. We help shape their behavior using positive reinforcement of good behaviors in puppies from a young age.

Teaching them obedience and proper socialization skills to help shape a balanced dog as your puppy grows into an adult. 

Do you work with all dog breeds? 

We work with all dog breeds small and large.

We have experience working with a wide range of dog breeds including designer breeds, working breeds, and everything in between.  


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