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Rebbeckah Reagan 

Owner and Head Trainer

I was born and raised in Colorado. I lived half my life on a farm where I had a dog and many other animals. My first dog was an Austrian Shepard who was wicked smart and wanted to work. Teaching her to do the basics and help around the ranch, I found a passion for working with animals. After I graduated high school I went into the Army and served for three years. When I got out of the Army, I decided to follow my passion. The best part of my job is the one-on-one connections with my clients as I help them better understand and communicate with their dog.

Over the years I have taken loads of classes, seminars, and different schools with many of the top leading dog training professionals in the industry like Dr. Ian Dumbar, Dr. Roger Abrantes, Pat Stuart, Nino Drowaert, Barbara De Groodt, Grisha Stewart, Larry Krohn, Jay Jack, Joel Silverman, JR Johns, Mark Hines, and so many more on top of spending almost a year training Police K9s at Tarheel. Although I am already very good at what I do, I believe there is always more to learn and I never want to stop learning! I can’t wait to meet with you and help you build a better relationship with your dog or cat!



Madison Sherman  


Originally from Grove City Ohio. Growing up my family always had dogs. I always was the one in my family teaching our dogs how to do new things. When I graduated high school I got my own dog Leo. Leo is a German shepherd. As Leo grew out of his puppy stage I noticed some behavior issues that I had no idea how to properly address. I was determined to figure it out. After three years of searching, I decided to go to Starmark Academy. I graduated from Starmark in January 2022. I have been professionally training dogs ever since. While puppies are my favorite to work with, I also love working with all sizes, ages, and temperaments!



Carlos Razo  


Carlos has had a sweet spot for animals in his heart ever since he was a young child. Carlos was born and raised in Mexico and has always shared his home with dogs, cats, reptiles, and amphibians. "Throughout my entire childhood, my family has always had a dog. My favorite activity with them was playing with them and teaching them new commands." Since graduating from high school, Carlos has held a variety of uninspiring jobs. At the age of 21, he wanted to make a difference in his life. At that time, Carlos discovered Starmark Academy and developed a passion for dog training. In September 2021, he finished their 16-week program, adopted the two rescue puppies that were given to him, and has been working with dogs ever since.



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