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Top Commands in Dog Training


There are many benefits to teaching your dog basic obedience commands, no matter how young or old it is. When your pet learns basic commands, you can build a lasting relationship, keep it safe, and become a confident owner. Here are the top four commands used in our dog training and obedience classes at Prime K9 Dog Training:

1. Sit

Perhaps the most popular obedience command pet owners teach their dog is the "sit" command. Teaching your dog how to sit on command has many benefits, like teaching the dog how to control itself. When your dog is sitting, it is more likely to be calm. It's easier to teach your dog from here than when it is running or jumping out of control.

If your dog is excited or distracted, the simple "sit" command can help you refocus your dog's attention. "Sit" enables you to gain and stay in control of situations where your dog might engage in unwanted behaviors. 

2. Come

A recall command is one of the most helpful commands you can teach your dog. This command has a few different names, like "come" or "here." No matter which word you use, the goal of the command is to get your dog to stop what they're doing and go to you as quickly as possible.

The "come" command can help to keep your dog safe outdoors. When your dog obeys a recall command, you won't have to chase your dog if it slips away from you. The command can also help you quickly locate your dog if it leaves your line of sight. 

3. Off

Another popular command with dog owners is "off." This command is useful because it can be used in different scenarios. You could use the "off" command to get your pet off the furniture or to keep it from jumping on people. 

No one enjoys being jumped on by an excited dog, no matter how small the dog is. Teaching your dog "off" will teach it not to jump. The more your dog follows the "off" command, the less it will jump on people. 

You might also want to use the "off" command when you want to get the dog to move. Some dog owners allow their pets on the furniture, while others don't want to share their couch or bed with their dogs. Either way, you will want to be able to get your dog off the furniture at some point, so teaching it "off" is the first step. 

4. Leave It

Dogs, especially puppies, are curious by nature. They want to smell everything, which can lead to picking up all sorts of items. Young dogs will also chew on things when they're teething. 

You should teach your dog the "leave it" command to help it learn which things it is not allowed to chew on or pick up. If you find yourself using the "leave it" command often, you might also want to teach your dog to "drop it."

Get Help With Dog Training

Training your dog without any prior experience doesn't have to be difficult. At Prime K9 Dog Training, we'll not only train your dog but also teach you how to use obedience commands effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs. 

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