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4 Types of Dog Training

Training your dog can help address behavioral issues, strengthen your bond, and promote good manners. At Prime K9 Dog Training, we train dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Here are four types of dog training:

1. Obedience Training

Obedience training focuses on teaching dogs basic commands like sit, come, off, and leave it. This training establishes a foundation of good manners and control over your dog's behavior. Dogs thrive on routine and repetition, so using the same commands consistently may help improve their behavior.

At Prime K9 Dog Training, we offer private lessons if you want to learn alongside your dog. During this training program, our professional trainers meet you and teach you how to train your dog to be obedient. With basic commands, you can better communicate with your dog.

2. Service Training

Service training prepares dogs to assist people with physical, mental, psychiatric, and sensory disabilities. Service dogs undergo training to perform tasks like fetching items such as harnesses and walking canes. Dogs can also learn how to alert individuals with hearing disabilities if there are oncoming vehicles.

We can train service dogs to exhibit proper public etiquette and ignore distractions. Dogs should not jump on people, beg for food, or engage in aggressive behavior. We offer group classes to help dogs socialize with people, animals, sounds, and environments.

3. Relationship-based Training

A relationship-based training technique focuses more on an individualized approach to dog training, driven by the bond between you and your dog. This training entails understanding your dog's needs, desires, and limitations to create an environment where your dog feels safe and respected. Incorporating play and interactive activities can make the sessions fun and engaging.

We offer puppy training to help you establish a good relationship with your pet right from the start. The training involves using clear cues, consistent signals, and timing to convey expectations to your puppy. With this training, you can learn how to read your pup’s body language and the type of rewards that encourage them.

4.  Agility Training

Agility training can help enhance a dog's physical fitness, coordination, and mental stimulation. After establishing control and obedience, professional trainers can introduce agility training. Dogs can be rewarded with treats, praise, or play for completing tasks successfully or following commands. Positive reinforcement can encourage your pup’s enthusiasm, focus, and willingness to perform.

If you have a busy lifestyle, choose the board and train option where your dog stays in our facility for agility training. You could also opt for day training, where we work with your dog during the day, and you continue the training in the evening. 

Get Quality Dog Training Today

Well-trained dogs will be more likely to listen to you and refrain from destructive behaviors like jumping on people or chewing furniture. Getting effective dog training can also help you establish trust with your dog. At Prime K9 Dog Training, we train your dog and teach you how to use certain commands properly. Contact us today to learn more about our quality training programs. 

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