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Top Dog Training Supplies

As a dog owner, one of the best ways you can invest in your furry friend is through good training. To train your dog effectively, you need the right tools. Prime K9 Dog Training educates both dogs and their owners with some of the best behavioral tips and tricks in the industry. Here are some top dog training supplies that we use and recommend to all dog owners:


Leashes and Harnesses

One of the best ways to begin training your dog is to get them accustomed to wearing leashes and harnesses. These supplies are not intended to restrict your dog's movement, but to guide it. Our Prime K9 dog trainers can teach your dog how to walk alongside you on a leash or with a harness. 

A standard leash is a good choice for most dogs, but for dogs that pull on their leash or are difficult to control, there are many training tools available to help reduce and stop pulling. Ask your trainer what training collar or tool will be most appropriate or beneficial for your dog/puppy.  

Teaching your dog how to calmly walk beside you can help them remain safe and well-behaved in public places. This training process can also be a great bonding experience between dogs and their owners. It helps them become familiar with each other's movements and teaches them what to expect from each other.


Treats and Treat Pouches

Almost all dogs are highly incentivized by food, especially treats. Training treats are a fundamental component of Prime K9's positive reinforcement training. Treats allow us to designate desired behaviors and reward the dogs when they repeat them. 

We use small, low-calorie treats to reward your dog when they perform a desired behavior. Treats that are too high in calories may lead to weight gain and health problems for your dog.

We also like to use treat pouches. A treat pouch is a small bag that attaches to your waistband or belt and holds treats or bits of kibble for easy access. When your dog does something you want them to do, such as sitting or coming when called, you can reinforce that behavior with a quick reward. Treat pouches make their treats easier to access.


Clickers and Bells

Clickers are often used in conjunction with positive reinforcement training. When your dog performs a desired behavior, you click the clicker and then give your dog a treat. Your dog will learn to positively associate with the sound of the clicker and will be more likely to perform the desired behavior in the future. 

You can accomplish similar results with a bell, such as teaching your dog to ring a bell when it needs to go outside. By rewarding and praising the dog for going potty outside, you can cultivate a positive association with ringing the bell. These associations can help your dog learn to communicate with you more easily.


The Value of Positivity in Dog Training

These tools can help you train your dog, but the most effective element in dog training is your own positivity. It's not just about treats; it's about praise, excitement, and affection. As inherently loyal creatures, dogs are eager to please you and feel understood by you. A strong bond with your dog is the best foundation for any type of behavioral training. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to develop that bond, we can teach you! Prime K9 Dog Training offers a wide variety of dog training courses. Our goal is to help both dogs and their owners develop a positive, fulfilling relationship that can last a lifetime. Contact us to learn more about our classes and recommended training supplies!


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